The Torchmodders is a group of modders of the games Torchlight 1 and 2 by Runic Games. Back in the day we started a forum and this wiki site with the aim of becoming a modding resource hub “by the modders, for the modders”.

Some of us still make mods (imagine that). Here's a Steam Workshop collection page of some of the mods made by Torchmodder members (sorry moddrop - a feature for mod-makers to be part of a group would make stuff like this lots easier with moddrop).

What now

Torchlight 2 launched in 2012. Our forums are now quiet, but we are maintaining our wiki for anyone who wants to try modding the games. And we are slowly moving whatever modding knowledge that is still in our forums over to this wiki.


We also still hang out at our discord server. We mainly just chat and maybe discuss some modding questions sometimes, but if you want to chat to learn about modding Torchlight we’d be happy to share whatever knowledge we have to try and help you.